• B.A.S.H. Grade B Striking Tools
    Grade B

    Introducing the new B.A.S.H. Grade B Sledge Hammers and Spike Maul. The World's safest Sledge Hammers and Spike Maul designed in line with AREMA plan 13-08 and 3-08 respectively.

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    Wilton Strut Cutters
    Strut cutter

    The Wilton Strut Cutter is an innovative portable hydraulic tool designed to cut strut products cleanly and efficiently, with no waste, no mess, and no de-burring.

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    ATV All-Terrain Vise

    Check out Wilton's newest product line, the road-ready ATV All-Terrain Vise

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    B.A.S.H. Brass Sledge Hammers
    brass hammer

    Check out our non-sparking Brass Sledge Hammers with B.A.S.H. Unbreakable Handle Technology.

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