Cold Front 3037

Atomized Cooling Fan


Feeling the heat? A Cold Front is Moving In.

When the temperature rises, so do on-the-job risks. But there’s a way to beat the heat for good — with the Wilton Cold Front Atomized Cooling Fan. It holds strong against heat and humidity, so you can keep your team cool efficiently and affordably.

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See it in action

Video - See It In Action  
Video - See It In Action
  • Beat Heat

    Protect workers from hazardous conditions

  • Beat Humidity

    Reduce discomfort and equipment damage

  • Beat Inefficiency

    Keep cool without disrupting workflow


Hold Strong Against Heat & Humidity

Effectively cools over 3,000 sq. ft.//100% flash evaporation//Minimal increase in humidity


The Secret is our Patented Flow Blurring® Technology

Our Flow Blurring technology uses low-pressure air and water to produce microdroplets. These evaporate instantly to create cooler air.

Wilton Cold Front Beats the Competition

Skin temperature change per percent change in relative humidity
Average percent change in relative humidity at 5–50 ft.
Air temperature change per percent change in relative humidity at 5–50 ft.

Cooling Power Meets Efficiency

With the Cold Front, keeping cool doesn’t cost you time and effort. It runs for over 10 hours on a single tank. It can be moved to wherever you need cooling. And it powers down instantly when you’re done, with an automatic low-water shutoff for added peace of mind.

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Smarter, Faster Cooling

  • Saves Effort

    No shutdown period — just switch it off

  • Adds Power

    Dual onboard accessory outlet to power other devices

  • Works Longer

    10+ hour tank life, with visual water level indicator for quick checks

  • Moves Easier

    Easily rolls through standard doors, with foot brake for extra control


Simple. Effective. Portable.

See how the Cold Front Atomized Cooling Fan can help your team beat the heat.

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