WIlton Strut Cutter Starter Kit

Adustable back guage allows for quick production shearing for uniform lengths
The collapsible handle provides easy movement on the job site. Handle doubles as support legs
Compact and powerful, the 25 ton cylinder easily pushes through any production job. The quick-coupl connects to any 10,000 psi power supply
The 7075-T651 Precision machined, anodized aluminum frame is durable enough to last a lifetime
EDM profiled, heat-treated S7 tool steel dies are available in standard and custom profiles. Make thousands of cuts with no waste and no post-cut processing. Custom profiles avilable.
Hold any strut securely with the adjustable machined material rest.
Power Kit includes a dependable SPX 10,000 psi power unit and 6’ hose

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The Wilton Strut Cutter is an innovative portable hydraulic tool designed to cut strut products cleanly and efficiently, with no waste, no mess, and no de-burring. It is ideal for cutting Unistrut®, PowerStrut®, B-Line® and Superstrut® strut products. Cutting dies are available for most commercial strut profiles and the Wilton Strut Cutter can also accept custom dies to meet your special application. This tool is not designed for stainless steel or back-to-back strut. The Wilton Strut Cutter Power Kit includes the strut cutter, a dependable SPX 10,000 psi power unit and 6’ hose. Our kit is designed for portability, durability and ease of use. The Wilton Strut Cutter is proudly made in the USA.

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